TDCI's Diversity Portfolio

Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organisation. It encompasses markers such as race, gender, ability, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organisational function, education, background and much more. Due to the proliferation of diversity and its growing impact on the workplace, an organisation's success and competitiveness will depend upon its ability to embrace diversity, minimise its risks and realize the benefits it presents. Diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders, and age is not only a reality, but are critical drivers for any company to grow, adapt and prosper in a fast-changing environment. Diversity breeds innovation, and innovation breeds business excellence.

TDCI offers a specialised range of diversity related programmes and services, each of which have been developed and researched by leading practitioners in the field.  Below is a list of our Diversity Service Offerings:

Diversity Events: Since 1999 TDCI have been hosting a number of Diversity related events which created opportunities for leading practitioners, consultants and stakeholders to address critical issues related to our individual, organisational and societal transformation journey. These events are listed below:

  • Diversity Indabas: The Indabas were one-day conferences that addressed key issues during the early years of our democracy. They were hosted at the turn of the century and a number of thought leaders such as the then Minister Lekota, Prof Lovemore Mbigi, Sipho Ngidi, Prof Frans Cilliers, Vijay Naidoo, Michelle May, Marius Pretorius and Joe Seremane shared their understanding of the challenges and possible solutions. 
  • The Annual Robben Island Diversity Experience (RIDE): The event is a powerful six day diversity experiences based on the systems-psychodynamic / group relations model.  It not only deals with diversity on a content and dynamic level, but it is an intense personal journey in which delegates are confronted with their own reference systems, identity, power and relatedness. RIDE has been instrumental in attaining deeper understanding and insight into diversity dynamics. The impact of this event can only fully grasped by personally speaking to delegates who attended the experience. The RIDE experience has been hosted since 2000.
  • The Annual Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation (EEDT) Summit: This event is the premier event showcasing the state of Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation related practice. The summit highlights recent developments in the field, analyses relevant successes, failures and stumbling blocks as well as showcasing Best Practice initiatives. The EEDT Summit has been hosted since 2008. TDCI host the Summit in collaboration with EES-Siyakha.
  • Annual Disability Equity Conference: Most organisations would agree that Disability Equity is a fundamental part of good corporate governance in South Africa, but when it comes to practical implementation, many struggle to find the right solutions. Progression has teamed up with TDCI since 2010 to host the Annual Disability Equity Conference. It is aimed at equiping Human Resources and Transformation Managers with the practical tools to deal with Disability Equity. It not only help delegates to learn more about statutory requirements and how to meet these requirements, but more importantly, it actually leaves them feeling inspired about the future of Disability Equity in South Africa. The conference is aimed at Employment Equity Managers, B-BBEE champions, Transformation Managers, CEOs and anyone involved in human resources. It addresses topical issues such as fair and non-discriminatory access into the workplace for people with disabilities, how disability impacts a company’s scorecard, and how to create a sustainable disability strategy. Speaker sessions are followed by training sessions where delegates get real practical solutions which they can take back to their organisations.
  • Crossing the RSA Diversity Rubicon: The Challenge of Changing Hearts and Minds - We are extremelly excited to launch the Rubicon event this year. Our experience in working in the field as well as the general reports in the media accentuates that we, as a country, is once again at a Rubicon. It is essential that we find ways in moving beyond the barriers of a divisive, prejudicial and exclusive society. The challenge is about moving beyond the mechanistic measures that are fretfully reinforced superficial transformation again and again - towards - the rehumanising of our world. It essentially entail a spiritual shift that will chang are heads and heal our hearts. Read more about this event.


Diversity Training Programmes: TDCI boasts a wide range of  Customised Diversity and Inclusion Training Programmes. Although standard programs have been designed, TDCI as a rule customizes these programs to suit the needs of the client organization. See the range of the programmes below:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Programmes
  • Diversity Mananagement Programmes
  • Diversity Train the trainer Programmes
  • Specific Diversity Focus Areas: Generational Differences; HIV/AIDS, Re-authoring Gender Narratives...
  • EE Related Programmes:  EE awareness workshops, EE Committee Training...

See the Diversity Programme Page for more information about the programmes.

Diversity and Transformation Consultancy Services: Our consultancy services enable organisations to move past the ‘usual way’ of dealing with diversity and transformation.  The challenges is especially about moving beyond the numbers game - towards (1) creating a business case, and (2) relational transformation. Developing an inclusive diversity mind-set and an enabling organisational culture has become imperatives to survive and flourish in the new service economy. TDCI's ability to approach, understand and deal with diversity and transformation from different perspectives (paradigms) sets us apart in this regard. 

Diversity Networking Opportunities: TDCI initiated and coordinated the first professional EEDT practitioners’ forum sessions. The EEDT Practitioners Forum was created as a platform where practitioners can benchmark against the best, showcase best practice, share information about new developments in the field, and network with industry related peers. Since it is a forum by practitioners for practitioners we continuously invite practitioners to bring forward any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the forum and create an even more value adding experience for all involved.  EEDT practitioner sessions have been hosted quarterly since 2010. Practitioners can contact Thembi Kgengwenyane for more information in regards to future sessions.  

Integrated Diversity Portal: We are extremely excited about the integrated Diversity Portal ( that will be launched . The Portal will provide information about various initiatives taking place in the EEDT space, host the Practitioners Forum Block, incorporate a Diversity & Inclusion Institute (Research Based Best Practice Entity) and create an inclusive portal for all diversity related marker (Race, Gender, Generations, Persons living with disabilities, Culture, Language, HIV/AIDS, LGBT...). 

Diversity Track Record: 

Our client list emphasises our vast experience in dealing with both public and private sector clients 

 Petra Diamonds Group: National Diversity Training Initiative
 Assmang Khumani (Iron Ore) Mine: Diversity Train the Trainer Project
 Element Six: Diversity Training Project
 National Prosecuting Authority (NPA): Diversity Management Programme
 Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA): Diversity Management Training
 Tradecorp: Diversity Training Initiative
 Stefanutti Stocks: Diversity Management, Diversity and Inclusion Programme
 Finsch Mine: Diversity Training Programmes
 South African Airways: Diversity Train the Trainer Project
 Buffalo City Municipality: EE Diversity & Transformation Management Programme
 Vodacom: National Diversity Training Tender
 Mintek: Diversity Management programme
 FNB Branch Banking: EE and Diversity Programme
 SANPARKS: Diversity Management Programme
 SASSA: Diversity Management Programme
 Ackermans: Strategic Diversity Management Presentation
 Mintek: Employment Equity Committee Training Programme
 KZN Legislator: Diversity and Transformation programme
 KZN Legislator: Employment Equity Committee Training Programme
 SANPARKS: Employment Equity Committee Programme
 Standard Chartered Bank: Employment Equity Committee Workshop
 KZN Provincial Treasury: Diversity Training Programme
 Diversity Awareness Programme: Openwave
 National Diversity Training Programme: Thuoslots
 Diversity Training project: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Western Cape)
 EEDT programme: Vaal University of Technology
 Integrated Diversity Training Tender: SANRAL
 Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: Central University of Technology
 Strategic Employment Equity Workshop: First Rand
 EEDT Programme: Greater Tzaneen Municipality
 Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: Public Programmes: TDC
 National series of Employment Equity Training Programmes: Corptrain
 Diversity Management Public Programmes: TDC
 National Diversity Initiative: Capacity Outsourcing
 Diversity Awareness Training: SA Mint
 Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
 Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: GSSC (City of Johannesburg)
 Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: University of Stellenbosch
 Diversity Training: Kumba Resources
 Diversity Management Training: NRCS