TDCI Leadership Portfolio:

The multi-cultural demographic composition of the South African population, our precarious socio-political scenario, and a clash between Afro-Centric (humanitarian principles, based on the values of consensus seeking and compassion) and Euro-Centric (based on bottom-line thinking - business values like production and performance) values have presented numerous pressing management and leadership challenges. These critical issues have not only accentuated the dire need for TRUE LEADERS to step forward, but also posed the question of what can be defined as a truly authentic, bona fide South African leader.

What is however clear to us is that our organisations and society do not need leaders that operate from a contemporary position (philosophy, strategy and operations). As reflected by Einstein - 'A problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which it was created'. We need leaders who can move to a new level of thinking and operating. TDCI's quest has always been to create programmes and experiences that facilitate such an transition. Our approach entail a intense professional as well as personal journey. 

TDCI's management & leadership portfolio offers training and consulting services focused on managerial and leadership excellence. It is directed towards enabling organisations to effectively deal with the turbulance and challenges of the modern day business environment. We provide both pre-designed as well as customised Management and Leadership Development Programmes. It is standard practise to customise our programmes to suit the clients' specific needs and context. TDCI currently offer the following pre-designed Management & Leadership Programmes available: 

Leadership Experiences/ Events

Leadership & Management Training Programmes

  • Executive Leadership Programme (Robben Island)
  • Accelerated Leadership Programme (Timbavati)
  • Women’s Leadership Experience (Zanzibar)
  •  Supervisor / Junior / Basic Management Programme
  • Middle Management Programme
  • Senior Management Programme
  • Strategic Management Programme