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Business Psychology: Towards Individual, Team and Organisational Excellence


Welcome to TDCI’s hub for Organisational, Team & Individual excellence. TDCI is a business psychology consulting firm that custom design organisational strategies, structures, policies, processes, climate/culture and dynamics to enable team and organisational excellence. Business Psychology, as an applied science, investigates and advises how people and organisations can become more agile, resilient, resourceful and effective in negotiating the multiple and sometimes competing needs and challenges of today’s VUCA post-Covid world. We interweave Business Psychology insights (social scientific research findings, frameworks and principles) with our pragmatic acumen from the world of work, to craft healthy, productive, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships between people and the business.

As a Business Psychology firm TDCI offers the following services:

  • Advisory – we offer independent and scientifically grounded perspectives and advice to our clients on a wide range of people-related issues ... from motivational strategies to large scale organisational change initiatives.

  • Diagnosis – we use valid and reliable social scientific research methods to investigate, analyse and understand behavioural phenomena and organisational  challenges (e.g. high turnover or low employee engagement).

  • Design – we custom design fit-for-purpose solutions to organisational challenges (e.g. culture change initiative or a new psychometric assessment battery).

  • Delivery – We implement integrated purpose-driven, value-oriented and results-based interventions.

  • Monitor and Evaluate – we monitor the impact of our interventions to track its return-on-investment (ROI) and to ensure that it generates sustainable individual, team and organisational shifts.

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TDCI offers the following dedicated portfolios in working towards individual, team and organisational excellence:


  • Business Assessment, Audits, Surveys and Psychometric Testing

  • Organisational Development

  • Team Development

  • Employee wellness, engagement and happiness

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Management and Leadership Development

  • Human Resource and Talent management

  • Learning and development (Business psychology training portfolio)


TDCI welcomes Prof Nico Schutte as our Director: People & Organisational Development. Prof Schutte is a distinguished academic, prolific scholar and Business Psychology expert. He specialises in Human Resource Management / Competency Frameworks, Executive Management & Leadership development, Team & Organisational Development and People Excellence.

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Prof Nico Schutte

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